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Our starting point for life in the Spirit is the resurrection of Jesus.  The cross meant judgment, punishment and death for Jesus.  For you and I, the cross means freedom, promise, and resurrection. Jesus’s death, burial, and resurrection provided all that we would ever need to live into the life we've been given.  
In His death, Jesus did not only die for us, He died 


Our strength is derived from our truest identity in Christ.  If we do not know who we are,
we will always be searching and seeking for understanding and a place to belong. When we receive and embrace who we are in Christ, we embrace too the favor, confidence,
and promises of God's Kingdom for us. 


Our dream is to impact our neighborhoods and the lives around us through the presence and power of God's transforming love.


Our passion is to love God and to love others as extravagantly as He loves us. 

We believe that the best way to do this is

not as individuals but as a community

with authentic shared life. 


We want to develop a community of disciples of Jesus who love and experience God, 
who love one another, and who partner 
with Christ to bring healing to our world. 

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